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Amanda Kloots on Regaining Her Confidence and Feeling Sexy After Grief

Amanda Kloots on Regaining Her Confidence and Feeling Sexy After Grief

Amanda Kloots is sharing how grieving her late husband, Nick Cordero, has transformed various aspects of her life.

Kloots, 42, recently appeared on the June 24 episode of the podcast Oldish, hosted by Brian Austin Green, Sharna Burgess, and Randy Spelling. During the conversation, she delved into how grief has reshaped her self-perception.

Kloots and Cordero were married in 2017. They welcomed their son Elvis in 2019, before Cordero tragically passed away in July 2020 due to complications from COVID-19.

During her discussion with the co-hosts, Kloots explained that while she has found creative outlets to express herself, her emotions like grief have impacted every part of her being.

As she mourned her husband’s loss, she found her grief also altered her self-image. “For instance, I realized after a while that I didn’t feel feminine anymore,” Kloots confessed. “Because I didn’t have a man kissing me, hugging me, telling me I’m pretty. Just being affectionate in little ways like grabbing my waist.”

Kloots admitted she felt she had “lost” her femininity. “I lost feeling sexy… and then you’re a mom on top of that,” she continued.

Reflecting on this transformation, she acknowledged that grief had taken away those feelings. “I had to figure out how to get that back,” she shared, revealing that rediscovering dance was pivotal in this journey. Kloots, a former Radio City Rockette and Broadway dancer, found solace in dance again.

“I go to this sexy dance heels class every Monday night,” she added. “Literally, it just made me find sexiness again.”

These dance classes reconnected her with her sense of womanhood. “It made me feel like I was a woman again,” she explained. “It made me comfortable with touching myself again and looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m hot. I’m cute. I’ve got this.'”

Acknowledging the comprehensive impact of trauma and grief, Kloots emphasized the necessity of healing all aspects of oneself. “I think that’s a common realization, that healing isn’t linear; you have to keep making these leaps.”

As a single parent, her journey through grief continues to be multifaceted. “I had to tackle life from multiple directions to keep moving forward,” she remarked. “It can’t just be one thing.”

In April 2023, Kloots talked exclusively to PEOPLE about preparing her son for the grief of losing his father. “There have been moments when Elvis gets sad while talking about Nick,” she shared. “He says, ‘But Dada died,’ and then he gets very, very sad. It’s heartbreaking as a parent, because I haven’t had to confront Elvis’ grief too much yet.”

Source: PEOPLE