Who is Amari Bailey’s Mom? Here are the Details

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Amari Bailey’s Mom

If you are into basketball, you may have heard the name ‘Amari Bailey’ many times in recent years. Amari is one of the most promising basketball players of the Class of 2022. Currently, he plays for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins. The young shooting guard is immensely talented and successful, and many experts predict he will surely be heading for the NBA in the future.

As Amari continues to climb the ladder of success in his career, he owes everything to his mother, Johanna Leia, and calls her his biggest cheerleader. So, who is Amari Bailey’s mother? Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Amari Bailey’s Mother?

Amari Bailey’s mother, Johanna Leia, is a former model. She worked as a model for Ford and Wilhelmina in her heydays. While working with the latter, she became an ambassador of various fashion and skincare brands and rose to popularity. Johanna gained recognition as a TV personality and social media sensation. Thus, it is safe to say that she has been in the limelight ever since the start of her career.

Currently, she is enjoying her professional life as an entrepreneur and is working with many small businesses at the same time. Reportedly, Johanna also dedicates her time to the management of promising athletes through her talent agency called Just Living. Her son is one of the talents under her management and has been holding basketball camps across the USA in search of talent.

Is Amari Bailey the Only Child of Johanna?

Johanna Leia raised her son Amari with ex Aaron Bailey. The duo also welcomed their daughter Savanna in 2015. The athletic family has been on good terms with each other, even after the departure of Aaron from Johanna’s life. You can check their Instagram profiles to catch a glimpse of their lives on and off the court.

Interestingly, the whole family participated in a reality television show called Bringing Up Ballers in 2017, which increased Johanna’s popularity by manifold. The show revolved around five families based in Chicago and featured the events of their day-to-day routine around their sons who played basketball.

What Does Johanna Leia’s Personal Life Look Like?

The former model dated her ex Aaron Bailey, the former footballer for a long time. However, their romance fizzled out. After some time, the rumors of her dating Drake started to spread.

Reportedly, the rapper once arranged a private dinner with the former model at Dodgers Stadium and even rented out the entire venue for their exclusive use to maintain privacy. During their date, a helicopter flew over the stadium to capture all the romantic moments shared by the couple.

The relationship between Johanna and Drake also strengthened the bond between Amari and the rapper. According to a few reports, the renowned rapper formed a close relationship with the NBA prospect and even gifted him a personalized custom chain with the OVO logo. Drake even made an appearance at his high school games while he was at Sierra Canyon and attended the school’s regional semi-final matchup against Etiwanda in June 2021. Unfortunately, the relationship between Drake and Johanna couldn’t last long, and the couple parted ways in October of the same year.

Shortly after her break-up with Drake, the former model was seen linking to Memphis Grizzlies athlete Ja Morant.

The rumors of the affair between the two began when Ja Morant went on liking multiple Instagram posts of Johanna, leaving fans wondering whether they were an item. Afterward, many events began to strengthen the rumor, especially when Johanna attended Memphis Grizzlies games, including road games. Neither of them has made any official comment on their relationship status.

Ja Morant once dated Kadre Dixon aka KK Dixon and even has a daughter with her. Their daughter, Kaari Jaidyn was born in 2019, shortly after which the duo parted ways.

Is Johanna Leia on Instagram?

You can follow Johanna on her Instagram. Her official account is @johannaleia. The account doesn’t have any posts anymore; however, you can check her stories regularly to get an update on her professional and personal life.

The bond between Johanna and Amari is beautiful and undeniable. The mother and son share a unique connection built over time through their experiences together. They have immense love for each other, evident through their public appearances and social media handles. Their conversation is filled with laughter and understanding as they share stories from their past and discuss their future.

We cannot wait to see Amari Bailey’s successful basketball career reaching great heights and wish him and his mother all good in their lives.

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