Amaury Nolasco spoke of the fate of his character in the second season of Hightown

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Returns Hightown! In just a few hours, Starz Play will add to its catalog the series starring Mónica Raymund who will once again put herself in the shoes of Jackie Quiñoñes. Along with the actress, who will also be present are Riley Voelkel (Reené), James Badge Dale (Ray Abruzzo) and the incomparable Amaury nolasco (Frankie Cuevas). And, for this edition, the protagonists face new dramas and challenges.

With Frankie’s release from jail, Hightown prepares to receive one of the bloodiest blows in its history. In fact, that is what the actor reveals, Amaury nolasco, in an exclusive interview with Spoiler. “In the first season Frankie was the one who ran everything from prison and now he comes out and now we are going to see who Frankie really is, he has no scruples, and adds his cousin to the team who is starring Luis Guzmán”, The interpreter began explaining.

But later, Nolasco assured that, beyond the business and his work vision, Frankie now also faces very serious problems at home. In the first edition, this villain asks his wife, Reené, to fall in love with the policeman, Ray Abruzzo, and despite the fact that it was a request from him, now distrust and concern to really know what happened between them emerges. “Frankie has a pretty strong task on how to balance the home and knowing that I can trust her”Were his exact words.

So much so that, for Amaury, “this second season was a show”. In addition, the Puerto Rican actor announced his wish for it to air and made it clear that the gratitude is for the fans. “I’m crazy for the audience to see it, especially the fans who gave us the opportunity to do the second one because they won’t be disappointed“He said exclusively with Spoiler.

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The performance of Amaury nolasco in the skin of Frankie Cuevas made this character a resounding success through Hightown. As much as he is the bad guy, the actor managed to make viewers connect with him in each episode. It is not usually the case that the bad guy in a story generates so much controversy, but Nolasco’s well-accomplished work made this one stand out.

His family is very important and now his cousin and loyalty. Frankie does everything for his family. He is human, I humanize him because who cannot identify with a father who wants what he wants is the best for his son, who cannot identify with a husband who what he wants is the best for his wife or who loves her, who loves her“Nolasco explained for Spoiler. In fact, this made the character in this fiction one of Nolasco’s favorites. “My job and I wish is to continue creating characters like the one I am now. Now the pampered baby of my career is Frankie, with whom I am having a great time”, He assured.

Those words that the interpreter said in Spoiler, coincide with the fact that he agreed to work on Hightown precisely because he fell in love with his characters. “I fell in love with the characters. They are all who, in some way or another, are all damaged, are going through addiction problems, some trying to recover, others redemption and that was what caught my attention.”, He explained.

Then, the actor went for more and assured that, for him, HightownIt is a series that is not about a crime and who did it or how they did it. It is more than anything the relationship between all these characters and how in one way or another they identify or interact with each other”. That is why, the actor, tried to give a completely different air to his character so as not to make him look like the typical villain or mafia boss.

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Frankie is a man who runs a company, which in this case is a drug company. He is the CEO, he is the boss and here are some rules of how this company is run”, Defined the protagonist to the convict who causes so much chaos in the series. Also, to close, Amaury nolasco made it clear that this role was taken as “someone who is always, in one way or another, surpassing himself, because he has a bigger vision than some who have a smaller vision”.

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