Amazon and the 10 things you should know about its founder Jeff Bezos

One of the richest people in the world is Jeff Bezos, who recently made headlines after he decided to go into space on the New Shepard spacecraft, a decision that came two weeks after he stepped down as Amazon’s CEO. Although he was not the first billionaire to cross the ends of the earth, he has been considered a man of great economic power.

He became a man of great fortune since 2018 and is currently making people talk after he made a trip more than 100 km from the earth’s soil.

It should be noted that Jeff Bezos was the person who founded Amazon, a company for which he became known worldwide, but he also has other companies to his name.

Here we tell you 10 related things about the founder of the important company Amazon.

According to information from CNBC, Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen It is the name of Jeff’s mother and at just 17 years old she became the mother of the one who years later would become the founder of Amazon. It was 1964 when she was still in high school, which is why her school administrators told her that she would not be allowed to finish her degree.

Then Jacklyn would return to her school under strict conditions. In this way he managed to graduate and later divorced Ted Jorgensen, Jeff’s father.

She also dedicated herself to working as a secretary to support her son. In college, her teachers allowed her to take her baby to classes. There she would meet her husband Mike Bezos, who would give his last name to little Jeff.

Jeff was a child with great intelligence, because when they placed him in his crib unlike any child his age, he managed to disassemble it with a screwdriver by himself. But that was not all, he also transformed his home garage into a laboratory for his own inventions and this he did when he was in high school.

When I was in high school, Bezos started his first business a summer educational camp for fourth, fifth and sixth graders called Dream Institute. It was then that Jeff and his girlfriend charged their assistants $ 600 per person, according to Insider.

According to the 2013 biography of Jeff Bezos for Brad Stone, “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon,” the biological father of the creator of Amazon He was a cyclist and circus performer at that time.

When Stone found Jorgensen to interview him, they reportedly had not seen Jeff for several decades and did not realize that he was his biological father. So Jorgensen approached his son and the two embraced. In 2015, Ted Jorgensen passed away when he was 71 years old.

Being one of the first students helped him finish his studies. After that he graduated from the Princeton University with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. With this he was able to work at Wall Street finance companies in New York City, including Fitel and investment firm DE Shaw, Insider reported.

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