Amazon, Apple, Microsoft & Co. support lobby against US climate protection law

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Leading US companies like Amazon, Apple, Disney and Microsoft support lobby organizations that are spending millions of dollars to undermine the draft for a far-reaching US climate protection law. This emerges from a report that the civil society organization published on Friday. The corporations and their bosses themselves like to claim, in the fight against climate change with goals for more sustainability and CO2-Reduction to be at the forefront. therefore accuses over 50 large companies of hypocrisy. They are active members in lobby institutions that have announced massive opposition to the budget package promoted by President Joe Biden and the Democrats in the US Congress with expenditures amounting to around 3.5 trillion US dollars. This is true of observers as the “biggest law against climate change to date”. It includes, for example, a $ 150 billion renewable energy program that would make it easier for utilities to switch to wind, solar, and hydropower. However, nuclear power should also be promoted, which is controversial in the EU.

The authors of the analysis refer, for example, to the oath of the US Chamber of Commerceto “do everything we can to prevent this tax-increasing and job-destroying” law from being passed. The association’s board of directors includes executives from companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, United Airlines, Delta and Deloitte, all of whom have expressed concerns about climate change and announced that they will take countermeasures.

Another economic alliance, the Business Roundtable, has expressed “deep concern” about the package known as the “Reconciliation Act” as it would, among other things, raise taxes on the rich. The organization includes CEOs such as Apple’s Tim Cook, who has called for governments and companies to take stronger measures to combat the climate crisis. Other members include Andy Jassy, ​​the new boss of Amazon, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, and Darren Woods, boss of the oil giant Exxon.

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The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) group, which includes Bayer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, has placed ads attacking the bill, according to the investigation. The Rate Coalition, which includes AT&T, Disney, FedEx, UPS and Verizon among its members, is also planning an advertising campaign to prevent the corona recovery initiative. The declared aim of the National Association of Manufacturers, in which Dow, Goodyear and SchneiderElectric are involved, is to overturn the Biden agenda “in every possible way”.

Of the Guardian asked a large number of the companies mentioned for their comments. According to the newspaper, none of them wanted to criticize the attitudes of the respective lobby groups to which they belong. No member had declared that the connections to these lobby associations would be checked.

This is in contrast to public commitments to protect the climate. Jeff Bezos, who is one of the richest people in the world, officially considers the climate crisis to be the “greatest threat to our planet”. The retail giant Amazon, which he founded, has pledged to reduce its emissions to zero by 2040 and to become climate neutral. Microsoft has promised to be “carbon negative” in a decade. Disney plans to only use electricity from renewable energy sources within the same period.

Kyle Herrig, President of, complained that the companies were hiding behind “shady groups” and financed the opposition to the legislative package behind closed doors. In doing so, they not only endanger the environment massively, but also their own reputation.

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The Biden and the Democrats’ project is currently at a critical point. The opposition Republicans unanimously oppose it. There are also dissenters in their own ranks, such as Senator Joe Manchin, who thinks the draft is nonsensical and wants to maintain the existing subsidies for coal, oil and gas. Biden’s climate ambitions already suffered a setback in the summer. With an initial infrastructure package, the president had to make a compromise because the Republicans did not like the climate protection measures it contained. Now the second basket should fix it. But this does not go far enough either for environmental organizations and scientists.


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