Amazon Down Globally: Trouble on Facebook, Tinder and McDonald’s as a Result

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On June 8 of this year, at the beginning of summer, the Internet completely crashed at the same time. From Twitch to Reddit, from Twitter to Spotify, login issues, 404 errors, and more made it impossible to use services, applications, and platforms.

The reason? Initially attributed to AWS (Amazon Web Services), Amazon’s cloud server service, the failure seemed to be rather the fault of the CDN (Content Distribution Network) Fastlyt, an American provider of cloud computing services. Today, about to end 2021 and half a year later, the same thing is happening: an error in a server provider that is dragging hundreds of websites that use them with it.

Amazon down, its servers affect Facebook and Tinder

An interruption in the supply of AWS is causing that all the websites and platforms that use its online infrastructure are having problems in their services, causing errors in a wide variety of websites ranging from the McDonald’s site to Twitter, Facebook or even the platform VOD Disney +.

DownDetector, the online service that monitors and reports problems and errors online, shows the problems that Amazon is having since this afternoon: From 16:42 today the user complaint reports started to upload, and an hour later they were already 30,000, a significant figure that reflects the severity of the fall.

The problem has mainly affected the online infrastructure of the United States, since if we compare the reports of complaints in Amazon Spain, we see that they are barely 50. In the USA, the list of websites and platforms troubled includes:


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