Amazon is developing a live action series of She-Ra

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She-Ra She is an iconic character who demonstrated in each of her versions the empowerment of women and was among the heroines referring to when talking about the female presence in the world of entertainment and science fiction. Last year, the animated series of She-Ra, which was released in Netflix, I reach its end. But that does not mean that the character does not reappear in the center of the scene!

The Princess of Power has a big surprise in store for us: a live action series of the warrior is in development in Amazon. Although it is still in its early stages, we can report that Dreamworks Animation is in charge of the executive production of this new version of the character. The news excites all the followers of She-Ra who are already wondering who will play her on the show.

She-Ra will have her own live action series!

Everything indicates that the live action of She-Ra it will have little to do with previous versions of the character. Including the iconic hit 80s animated series. Will there be room for He-Man in this installment of the Warrior Princess? That is a question that all followers of the universe of Eternia and Etheria ask themselves. Remember that Dolph Lundgren brought the Most Powerful Man in the Universe to life in his own movie.

The Princess of Power was created by Larry DiTillio and J. Michael Straczynski for the animated film He-Man: The Secret of the Sword. Subsequently, it was revealed that loves is the twin sister of Prince Adam, which forever connected the worlds of Eternia and Etheria, the planets of He-Man and She-Ra. The intention was to attract girls to buy action figures in the same way that the hero attracted boys.

The classic version of the heroine. Photo: IMDb.

Many years later, Netflix produced an animated series that neglected the connection with He-Man and reimagined the character with great success along the way. The show is centered on loves, a young woman who discovers the Sword of Protection and can become She-Ra. So, he joins the Etheria rebellion. The show ran for five seasons from 2018 to 2020. Will Amazon’s live action have the same success?

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