Amazon is ready for a Walking Dead-style invasion

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You have probably had fun with many friends with whom you have thought about how you would react in the event of a world catastrophe. Moreover, this idea was surely the one that crossed his mind to Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen when they diagrammed the apocalypse they presented as a comedy in This Is The End, almost a decade ago. On Amazon they were even more extreme and thought about what to do in the event of a zombie invasion.

This is what the Lumberyard engine looks like. (Amazon)

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) has, among its various legal clauses for users to use, one that specifies how to act in case zombies invade Earth. Yes, if you are left alone on the planet or, apparently alone, like Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, you should read carefully the terms and conditions of the company Jeff Bezos.

AWS has a clause dedicated to Amazon Lumberyard, a video game engine developed and patented by the company. No one can use, so far, this platform, but there is an extreme situation from which they are willing to release its use. This is clause 42.10 that establishes that it will enter into force “In the event of a widespread viral infection (certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or successor agency)”.

the walking dead

Lauren Cohan returned after almost two years to The Walking Dead. (IMDb)

According to the document of the AWS, said disease has to, specifically, be “transmitted through bites or contact with bodily fluids” and implies that “human corpses revive and try to consume live human flesh, blood, brain or nervous tissue”. Of course, this complete madness is nothing more than humor lost among so many legal terms to amuse those who have to resort to reading the terms and conditions.

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The Walking Dead and an end that is approaching

If there are people who thought a thousand times how they would react to an eventual zombie invasion, they are the ones who, week after week, since 2010, watch the episodes of The Walking Dead. The series created by Frank Darabont is nearing its end and has already begun broadcasting its 11th and final installment. In the region it can be seen through the platform Star+, every weekend.

The last season of The Walking Dead It will be divided into three parts and it will be the longest of all. Unlike the previous ones that had two volumes of eight episodes, this one will have three with that many chapters and will conclude in mid-2022. The good news for those who have already started to get melancholic for so many years with these characters is that some of them have spin-offs on the way, like Carol and Daryl, and others could have cameos in the products already announced, of which the trilogy of films with Andrew Lincoln.


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