Amazon One now turns the palm of your hand into the entrance to events and concerts

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Amazon is known as the giant of online shopping, but the truth is that it is a company that has manufactured its own products and also has great potential for the development of new technologies. A few months ago he echoed a new system designed by Amazon that allows you to pay with the palm of your hand and that was dubbed Amazon One. A system that has now evolved and that, as of today, it also allows you to use the palm of your hand as a ticket to certain events and concerts.

The Amazon One system uses algorithms and custom hardware to create a signature with the palm of our hand totally safe and unique for each person. In this way, users can pay using their palm as a method of personal identification. That is, simply insert the credit card and passing your hand over the device is able to identify us and validate the payment. Of course, before that it is necessary to associate the palm of our hand with said card.

New feature for Amazon One technology

A unique system for payment in certain Amazon stores around the world but which, as we have just learned, has also been adapted so that we can associate the tickets to certain events to the palm of the hand. In this way, simply by passing your hand over a device, said entry can be validated without having to physically have it or show it.

This means that the Amazon One technology today is also ready to be used outside of Amazon stores and not only as an identification method for payment. Now the palm of our hand will become the entrance to certain events or concerts. So much so, that from today, those attending the concert at Red Rocks, will be able to associate their tickets to the palms of their hand and use it as a method of identification to enter the event. To associate the entrance to our palm it is not necessary to have an Amazon account.

This is thanks to the technology developed by Amazon itself and the agreement with the company AEG, which is the one in charge of bringing this technology to Red Rocks. The CEO of AXS, the company through which tickets are purchased for all these types of events, has stated that they are already considering using this technology in many other places in the coming months. Considering that AEG is linked to more than 350 stadiums and theaters around the world, we could soon see how Amazon technology reaches every corner.


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