Amazon Prime Day 2021: How to Take Advantage of Offers and Discounts from Other Countries

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With divisions all over the world, the Amazon website does not have a single page that encompasses the different territories, but exists to USA, Amazon UK para England and several more divisions for France, Italy, Germany, Spain, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico And till Japan and China.

Buy Prime Day offers on all Amazon websites

Each of these areas has its own website, although the good thing is that if we want we can buy outside our borders as long as the product has international shipping. In addition to Spain, Amazon subscribers will be able to enjoy these offers and discounts in:

On this Prime Day 2021 they only stay out Amazon Canada Y Amazon India, a resolution taken for the health and pandemic reasons in which we continue to be involved. To buy at any Amazon, just enter one of the links above, log in with your account and review the address where the shipments will go.

If it is an order to Europe, you will not have to pay more than the shipping costs, although if you already do it abroad – remember that the United Kingdom is outside the EU zone -, you will have to pay an extra Amazon fee calculated based on the order already wherever i go. This rate ensures that the order will not be detained at Customs. -and therefore you will not find an extra expense-, but obviously it is an addition to the shipping costs and increases the price.

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In the mobile app

In the mobile application it is also possible to buy from Amazon stores in the rest of the world. To do this you just have to open the app, tap on the three stripes icon horizontals in the upper left corner, go down to the Settings option -you will get the flag of the language / country you have chosen by default- and change the option ‘Country / Region’. When you do, you will be on the Amazon of that country.

But it may happen that you see something you want in a third-party store that sells in the Amazon USA marketplace and does not send to Spain. What can be done? Well, use current technology:

International shipments through third parties

There are many sellers that unlike Amazon USA, UK or Italy they do not ship out of the country. Luckily on the Internet we can find several companies that are in charge of this task, receiving the package from the store at their own postal address and forwarding it to us at home.

For example Shipito, whose slogan directly invites us to buy “on any US Internet page”. To the register for free on your website, the service will provide us with an American address that we can use to shop anywhere. The package will arrive at Shipito’s warehouses and Shipito will send it home to us through the courier company of our choice. As we can see in their price table, we have from $ 10 shipments by agencies such as Airmail Economy to the more than $ 50-$ 76 charged by FedEx or UPSP.

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One USA Address Y ViaBox are other options that provide similar services. In fact ViaBox is one of the best valued by users around the world for rates, its convenient calculator of amounts and its customer service. This way you can bypass the regional blockade, take advantage of the Black Friday USA deals and have it delivered to your home.


The European user who buys from other countries such as the United States, China or Japan may find things as unpleasant as that your package is stopped at customs and therefore they will inspect it – even more so in the pandemic crisis that we are experiencing – and demand an amount of extra money from us in taxes.

Services like Amazon Global Shipping fixes this, but if you’re shopping outside of these stores, then you have to be careful.

According to the Correos website “as a general rule, Any merchandise imported into Spain with a value greater than € 22 is subject to VAT payment (national tax), as long as there is an economic transaction involved, whether the recipient is a company or an individual. Private gifts over € 45 are also subject to VAT payment and only in the case of used personal effects, after verification by Customs according to the established procedure, could they be exempt.

The general VAT rate for imports into Spain is 21%. The general VAT rate for importing products into Spain is 21%, but a reduced (10%) and super-reduced (4%) VAT is applied to certain products. It is calculated on the value of the goods.

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Goods over € 150 are subject to payment of customs duties import (Community tax of the European Union). As a general rule, we do not have to pay a tariff for goods valued below € 150, although they may be subject to the payment of import VAT and special taxes.

Procedure with Customs

Some products are royalty-free and some are subject to additional duties, depending on the country of manufacture and the product. In countries like China, bicycles manufactured in the country are levied with an additional tax.

The ordinary payment procedure for goods over € 150 – the most common smartphones and tablets – has three options:

– Use couriers as an indirect representative: the cost would be € 19.19 plus € 4.41 (invoicing – retention in warehouse) plus VAT.

– Carry out the procedure personally: you would have to pay Correos the factage (€ 4.41) and carry out the procedure by going personally to customs or through the “Simplified form for individuals” of the Tax Agency from the web if we have an electronic ID.

– Hire a customs agent or freight forwarder: You will also have to pay the billing of the Post Office and the transfer of documents to another representative who does the work for us, which is 12.84 euros plus VAT.


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