Amazon Prime Day 2021 | Oculus Quest 2 on sale in its 64 GB version

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Virtual reality worlds are within reach of more players since the launch of Oculus Quest 2, one of the VR glasses cheapest that can be found in the market. They allow you to enjoy this technology without cables, although it is also possible to connect them to the computer to access the library of Steam games, for example. Now that Amazon Prime Day 2021 has begun, we not only find offers on games and consoles, but also on the 64 GB version of Oculus Quest 2.

This exclusive promotion for Amazon Prime customers allows access to the glasses for a slightly lower price. It is normally available for 398 euros, but thanks to the 5% discount it can be purchased for 377,99 euros, which represents a saving of more than more than 20 euros. The product is also sold in a version with an internal storage of 256 GB. In that case, the price has not undergone any change: 498 euros, that is, about 100 euros more expensive than the standard model.

Wireless VR

Oculus Quest 2 is designed so that gamers can access virtual reality without using a PC. This means that it has video games and applications optimized for the device’s hardware. Therefore, Facebook has separated its store in two, one dedicated to Oculus Rift and another to Oculus Quest.

In recent years, companies have invested in new virtual reality headsets. Even console-focused companies like Sony have gone for it. PlayStation VR It was a first step, but the Japanese will continue to offer support for virtual reality with the launch of a new device, designed to work together with their next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.

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