Amazon Prime Video to release new Justin Bieber documentary

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Justin Bieber He is one of the most important figures in pop music in recent years. From “Baby”, the theme that put him in the center of the scene, his songs evolved and placed him as one of the most important artists of today. From the hand of Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video his fans will be able to enjoy a new documentary about one of his last recitals.

Justin is married to Hailey Bieber. (Getty)

With the title of Justin Biebeer: Our World, the documentary can be viewed through Amazon Prime Video across more than 240 countries. Today it was confirmed that the premiere date will be in one month, on October 8. The documentary was developed by Michael D. Ratner, which at the beginning of the year presented Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, a job in which the star of Disney He talked about his addiction problems.

It is not the first time Ratner work with Justin Bieber, with whom he coincided in the documentary series of YouTube Originals Justin Bieber: Seasons and Next Chapter. In addition, he was in charge of directing the video clip of “Intentions”, which was released in 2020 and was part of the studio album Changes. “The continued partnership with Justin, said the director, who recommended that fans see his work with “The volume to the maximum”.

Seasons justin bieber

Seasons aired in 2020. (IMDb)

Justin Bieber: Our World He will dive into what was his first recital in three years, when he performed at the 2020 New Year’s Eve party on the roof of the Beverly Hilton. “Playing live and connecting with my fans through music is very important to me.”, declared Bieber in a statement published in Deadline. In addition, he highlighted the importance of “Share my gifts and bring happiness to people in such a sad and scary context”.

It wasn’t justin bieber

A year ago, BoJack Horseman aired its last season in Netflix. The series, immersed in one of the greatest darkness to deal with issues as complex as depression, presented a character that for many was a parody of Justin Bieber: Joey Pogo. However, the producer Mike Hollingsworth explained that said character was actually associated with Zac Efron.

Apparently, Efron He really wanted to be part of the series and asked the writers repeatedly. Finally, the team of Raphael Bob-Waksberg created Joey Pogo and offered it to Efron, who after a period of silence replied through his representative that he was not interested in the role. Zac Efron he ignored the series. It was like, ‘I really want to be on the show, write me a role, I’m very interested.’ But as soon as they did it was: ‘I’m not interested in your stupid little series. I’m Zac Efron, a movie star. Not the voice of a cartoon Netflix, assured Hollingsworth.

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