Amazon Prime’s Italian medical drama that seeks to surpass The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam

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Medical dramas have risen to a level of popularity never seen before in recent decades, and the main culprit for this is Grey’s Anatomy, series that has been renewed for a season 18. It is clear that the leadership belongs to the fiction of Ellen Pompeo, so in a second line they are located The Good Doctor Y New Amsterdam. Who will try to get into the discussion is DOC – A New Life, which is already available on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

What is DOC all about? This is his synopsis: “Andrea Fanti loses the memory of the last twelve years of his life due to a brain trauma and, for the first time, he is no longer a brilliant doctor but a simple patient. With a life amputated of memories, Andrea finds herself in an unknown world where your loved ones have become strangers and the hospital is the only place where you feel at home “.

The program, directed by Jan Maria Michelini, began its broadcast in March 2020 on the Rai 1 network, with a 16-episode first season. This is the delivery of chapters that you can already enjoy on the platform, after it also became a true audience success for the public in Spain, who have already seen it through AXN and Telecinco.

In its broadcast on Italian television, DOC reached an average 8.3 million audience per episode, and that is why it was renewed for a second season, which still has no date, and managed to expand to other countries. Luca Argentero stars in the show, accompanied by Matilde Gioli, Gianmarco Saurino, Sara Lazzaro, Beatrice Granno, Giovanni Scifoni and Raffaele Esposito.

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On July 15, DOC arrived on Amazon Prime Video with its first 16 chapters, a new bet to succeed in replacing The Good Doctor Y New Amsterdam as the most considered by the public. It is a line that the platform maintains, since they will soon release The Wheel of Time and it already promises to be the successor to Game of Thrones.

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