Amazon Web Services introduces software development kits for Swift and Kotlin

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released two new alpha versions for the software development kits for the programming languages ​​Kotlin and Swift. In software development, alpha versions are usually not considered stable, so they are not suitable for production use. AWS asks developers for feedback on the respective SDK via GitHub.

Since 2010, AWS Mobile has provided customers with an iOS SDK written in Objective C. Apparently AWS customers who developed Swift in Apple’s programming language had asked for a native Swift SDK. AWS has now complied with this request from the growing Swift community and has presented a first alpha version.

According to the blog post, the primary design goal of the SDK is to provide platform-independent, idiomatic Swift interfaces for all supported AWS Service APIs and new AWS Service APIs when they are introduced. To develop the new SDK for Swift, AWS used the Smithy toolchain and service models, which it announced recently introduced to other AWS SDKs. The SDK for Swift allows you to build clients for supported AWS services at this early stage. However, some service clients require additional changes by the SDK development team. According to the blog post, the team is working on identifying and implementing them as soon as possible. A roadmap on GitHub provides additional information on feature plans for upcoming releases.

The programming language Kotlin, developed by the Czech tool manufacturer JetBrains, just recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Originally announced as a statically typed language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it is no longer aimed only at the JVM. Kotlin is currently in version 1.5.30.

The AWS SDK for Kotlin is designed to make it easier to call AWS services using idiomatic Kotlin APIs. Developers can apparently use the familiar native Kotlin language constructs, receive mobile support and offer the option of controlling multiple platforms and execution environments in one language.

The alpha version released by AWS enables the first calls to supported AWS services with Kotlin APIs. In addition, they can target the JVM platform or Android API Level 24+, with support for other platforms such as JavaScript and Native to follow in future versions. Information about planned functions offers the public roadmap on GitHub.

More details about the two alpha versions (Kotlin, Swift) can be found in the posts on the AWS Developer Tools Blog.


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