Amazon will increase the cost of its Prime service starting February 18

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Bad news: Amazon has decided to raise the price of its subscription service in the United States. And you know, when your neighbor’s beards you see cut…

With the new change, the subscription service of the online commerce giant will have an annual cost of $ 139, an increase of $ 20 compared to its previous price. It should be remembered that in 2018 there was also another rise of 20 dollars.

“With the continued expansion of benefits for Prime members, as well as the increase in salaries and transportation costs, Amazon will increase the price of the Prime subscription in the United States, whose monthly fee will go from $12.99 to $14.99 and the annual membership will go from $119 to $139,” Amazon said in a statement.

It is true that the “benefits” to which the company refers – such as the new possibility of watching American football games on its platform – have grown in the United States although not in the rest of the countries (and hence also the substantial difference in price between some places and others), the fact that these improvements will not reach the subscription services of other countries does not seem that will free them from this rise.

For starters, the global supply crisis will have had a cost to Amazon’s coffers (no matter how full they are already) and the company will surely pass on some of that cost to its users. The past does not invite us to optimism either: when Amazon decided to raise the price of its subscription in the United States, as happened in 2018, that same rise only took a few months to disembark in the rest of the countries.

Also, Amazon still has a couple of extra cards to play. On the one hand, in its catalog, it will soon have some of the most anticipated productions of the audiovisual panorama, such as the new series of the Lord of the Rings. And on the other, the price of its subscription, with its added advantages (Prime Video, Music, Twitch …) is still below that of its rivals. So prepare the wallets, because it may not be today or tomorrow, but the rise of Amazon will come.

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