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Amazon’s cheapest Kindle now even cheaper!

Nothing like finding a device that is already cheap at an even better price. That is just what we can offer you today with the Amazon Kindle, a device that has a fantastic original price (for everything it offers) but now goes down to the delight of all those who still do not have an e-reader. Do not let it escape.

The Amazon Kindle is the cheapest e-book reader in the company’s catalog, but by no means does that mean that it does not enjoy good and attractive features.

This model, which brings together more than 8,000 positive reviews (Its average is 5 stars out of 5!), It offers avid readers a computer in which to store hundreds and hundreds of books that can be accessed with a few taps and that will serve to maintain a pleasant reading wherever you are.

And it is that your screen, of 6 inches and with a density of 167 pixels per inch, it is made of electronic ink, thus offering a panel antiglare It won’t even be difficult to read in bright conditions (such as taking your Kindle to the beach). In case you find yourself in just the opposite situation, in total darkness, you will not have problems either since this Kindle incorporates front lighting thanks to the incorporation of 4 DELs.

With 8 GB of internal storage for your titles, it also boasts a battery very extensive, which allows you to use the equipment for weeks without the need to carry a charger or cable with you.

Regarding the design, it is a device with a pleasant touch, very light leather and that you can buy in both white and black – if you are not going to use a protective cover, perhaps the dark one is a better option because it has a “cleaner” surface. . On its front, as a lock screen, it will always show the cover of the book you are reading, unless you deactivate it in its settings.

A gadget, as you can see, very useful that becomes even more attractive now that it is on sale.

Amazon’s Mexican division now has the cheapest Kindle in its discounted storefront. In this way, it is possible to buy it with a discount of 18% -one of the best discounts it has ever had- which leaves it in only $ 1,549 pesos.

A fantastic opportunity to get this reading equipment saving money on your purchase. Do not let it escape.

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