Amazon’s Latest Smart Speaker Lineup including Echo Pop, Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto

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Exciting New Products from Amazon

Amazon has recently released a family of Echo speakers with new models that are perfect for the home and car. The Amazon Echo Pop, Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto are three smart speakers designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for affordable and versatile options.

Echo Pop

The Echo Pop has dimensions similar to that of the Echo Dot. This model has a semi-sphere design with two color options (lavender and teal) and comes with Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge. Echo Pop is perfect for use in rooms, kitchens, or small corners of the home. At a price of only 54.99 euros, it is an affordable option to complete the Amazon Echo Dot collection.

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is a smart screen with a speaker, boasting a 5-inch panel that offers many possibilities such as video calls, viewing security cameras, and watching YouTube videos. The new model is 20% faster than its predecessor, has more powerful speakers, and comes with redesigned microphones and AZ2 Neural Edge processor for clearer and sharper sound. With a price tag of 109.99 euros, Echo Show 5 is a perfect addition to your home.

Echo Auto

Echo Auto is a smart speaker designed specifically for your car to give it Alexa support. It has a sleek design with adhesive support so you can place it wherever you want. With its five microphones, you can use the voice assistant above the engine or air conditioning. At a price of only 69.99 euros, Echo Auto is a fantastic addition to your car.

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Matter Support

All of Amazon’s new smart speakers work with Alexa and have Matter support, which allows you to link them to any ecosystem without much difficulty. Amazon is committed to making these devices continually improving as they develop more AI-powered generative experiences for Alexa throughout the year.


Amazon’s new series of smart speakers offer a wide variety of options for every room in your house and your car. These new devices give customers more affordable choices and functionality with a price range between 54.99 euros and 109.99 euros. Check them out now and experience the ease and benefits of having Alexa by your side everywhere you go.

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