Amber Heard Allegedly Confessed To Sister Whitney Henriquez That She Cut Off Johnny Depp’s Finger

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Even though a Virginia jury shared its verdict in favor of Johnny Depp, the controversy surrounding the actor’s defamation trial against Amber Heard continues, as several court documents and evidence have come to light that was excluded from the case, one of them in connection with the Depp finger cutting incident.

Amber Heard’s sister confesses that the actress did cut off Johnny Depp’s finger

According to court documents, Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, told her former boss that the actress cut off Johnny Depp’s finger when she threw a bottle of vodka at him, according to TMZ.

The documents revealed show a statement from Jennifer Howell, former friend, and boss of Heard’s sister, in which she talks about the finger incident that allegedly took place in 2015.

She remembers when Amber’s sister yelled at the office “cut off her damn finger” while the couple was in Australia, as Depp was filming the fifth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Speaking to Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, Howell said, “I was sitting exactly where I am now because I’m sitting at my desk in the office … And right there, there were two black and white chairs at the time with a table in the middle. Whitney was sitting in one of the black and white chairs.”

“There’s a door that comes out right there too, and she just yelled, ‘She already did it.’ She cut off his damn finger’ and I pushed my chair back. I was like, ‘What?’ And she says, ‘He cut off his finger.’ He cut off his finger. And then he ran out the door and said, ‘I have to call someone. I have to call someone,'” Howell said.

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During the trial, Heard denied causing the injury and said Depp hurt himself during a binge. On the other hand, the actor noted that Heard was responsible, but told the court that, at the time, he lied to a doctor about how he hurt his finger.

Nearly two months ago, following a six-week trial, the jury in the case ordered Heard to pay Depp $10.35 million after ruling that the actress had defamed her ex-husband. On the other hand, Heard won one of his three counterclaim claims, for which he received $2 million in compensatory damages.

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