Amber Heard fails in her latest film

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What many had anticipated was finally fulfilled, since the last film of Amber Heard it was a box office flop. The actress who led a controversial trial with Johnny Depp she was unharmed in the whole process, but the same did not happen with her tape “Gully”Which had a roaring first weekend in theaters.

While the star has just a couple of movies under her belt, the controversial trial with her ex-husband was looming as a bad omen for her career. Before “Gully” the actress participated in “The Danish Girl”, “3 Days to Kill” and more recently she played Princess Mera in “Aquaman”.

According to US press reports, “Gully” achieved a poor gross of only $ 36,000 globally, which represents a clear stumbling block for Amber Heard. The tape was recorded two years ago, but amidst the restrictions of the pandemic it managed to be released recently.

Directed by Nabil Elderkin, the film tells the story of three teenagers living in Los Angeles. They all have something in common: they are victims of extreme childhoods and unleash a riot in the city within 48 hours. It contains scenes full of violence and substance use that take place in Los Angeles.

With the failure of this tape, the ex-wife of Johnny Depp I couldn’t expect too much from the sequel to “Aquaman”, Where he will return to his role with Jason Momoa. Although her ex’s followers threatened to boycott her, the filmmakers confirmed her on the tape and it is believed that filming has already begun.


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