Amber Heard Receives Marriage Proposal After Losing Trial against Johnny Depp

After living one of the most mediatic legal trials in the world and losing, Amber Heard has received an unexpected proposal. One of her followers has taken to social media to ask her to marry.

The man, whose identity is still unknown, asked the protagonist of ‘Aquaman’ to marry him, after everyone turned their backs on him for the recent confrontation he had with her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp.

Through a voice message, the subject assures Heard to be the only support he has after the billionaire legal trial did not favor him: “Amber, since all the doors are closing for you, you have no one except me to take care of you. I have noticed that some people hate you and bully you, therefore, I decided to marry you,” he is heard saying.

He even calls it his “blessing”: “May Allah bless us both. You’re a blessing, but people don’t appreciate that. I’m better than that old man.”

So far it is unknown if the audio – which has already gone viral on the web – is real or it is just a joke, since the actress has not responded anything about it.

On the day that the protagonist of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ won the trial, the interpreter published a brief statement on her official Instagram account, in which she assured that she was completely disappointed in the verdict, because it not only meant a defeat for her, but a setback in the fight for women’s rights.

From that moment, Amber Heard distanced herself from the social networks, even, it is said, that she is seeing a way to pay the 10.35 million to Johnny Depp set by the court, since his fortune would not reach him.

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