‘América hoy’ awards Ethel Pozo with a ‘Hercules de oro’ in the category ‘Tear of the year’ (VIDEO)

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The program ‘America hoy’ said goodbye to 2021 with an awards gala called ‘Hercules de Oro’. Among the curious categories, there was the ‘Tear of the Year’ in which Allison Pastor, Florcita Polo, Giuseppe Benignini, better known as the ‘Little Prince’ and Ethel Pozo were nominated.

Without a doubt, the most commented cry was Ethel Pozo’s when Melissa Paredes acknowledged that her relationship with Rodrigo Cuba had ended.

For this reason, the production of the show decided to award Ethel Pozo with the award for ‘The Tear of the Year’. In addition, they recalled that she cried when she declared that she was in love with her current boyfriend, Julián Alexander and when he surprised her by connecting via the Internet to greet him on his birthday.

After being awarded, Ethel Pozo assured that her tears are spontaneous and explained that since she entered television she has cried because she is very sensitive.

I have cried since the 5 years that I have been on television, I have cried, only that on the day that Melissa and El Gato happened it took more repercussions than on another day. (The award) I receive it with great affection because emotions cannot be controlled or contained, they must come out, Thank you for the opportunity“Said the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel.

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