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“América Hoy”: Edson Dávila was upset because drivers met without him to plan the new season

There are just a few months until 2021 comes to an end, so many programs and productions are already thinking about their 2022 season. Such is the case of “America Today”, whose hosts had a meeting with the producer Gisela Valcárcel to talk about their plans.

The meeting was attended by the conductors Janet Barboza, Ethel Pozo and Melissa Paredes; However, no minor detail was the absence of two panelists who are also part of the team: Christian Domínguez and Edson Dávila.

“We are preparing what will be our new season 2022”, Janet Barboza is heard saying in the video presented in the program “América Hoy”. In the note they highlighted the absence of Edson Dávila at their meeting lunch.

“Sorry Mr. Armando, Mrs. Gisela Valcárcel, that is, they have met with the three of them, is that going to be a newscast? Because all three of them are going to be fun. Forgive me girls, but I had to be there “said Édson Dávila.

“No, brother, don’t worry, everything is fine. If we have taken you into account … Take it easy, Edson “Ethel Pozo replied, trying to calm her program partner.

“Maybe I don’t work here. Thanks for the opportunity, I step aside and let whoever has to drive lead ”, said the popular ‘Giselo’ before leaving the set of the program “América Hoy”.

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