“América Hoy”: ‘Giselo’ asks serenazgo to evict ‘La Herbolaria’ for selling emollient in the middle of the avenue | VIDEO

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In the recent issue of “America Today”Beatriz Martínez, popularly known as ‘La Herbolaria’, joined live to tell that they were on Avenida 28 de Julio, in the Center of Lima, offering their emollients to the public. However, he did not count on Edson Dávila coming to that place to compete with him.

“Homemade pass, its rich emollient”, Beatriz said when she was interrupted by Edson, who was offering “tiktoker breakfasts”.

When ‘Giselo’ and ‘La Herbolaria’ were arguing, a serenazgo staff appeared and asked the woman to vacate the place. Mellisa Paredes and Ethel Pozo, who were on set, were surprised to see the security member.

“Silence, please, can you remove the lady who does not comply with the biosecurity protocols, please”, requested ‘Giselo’ to the serenazgo. “They can be fined”, the man replied.

“Oh no, it’s real, it’s a real serenity. A thousand apologies sir, what a real shame ”, Melissa Paredes said alarmed. “It’s a real serenade”, Janet Barboza added.

The host of “América Hoy” were surprised because the serenazgo member only evicted Beatriz Martínez.

“They realize that ‘La Herbolaria’ is being evicted and Edson is left in the same place”, laughed Melissa, who made a clarification to the security member: “Senor de serenazgo ‘La Herbolaria’ really does not sell there, it is only for ‘América Hoy’, sir, do not evict it ”.

“It draws my attention that they are evicting ‘La Herbolaria’, which is professional, and Edson does not react, does not help his partner. Edson that is not done ”, Janet Barboza added.

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