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'American Idol' Star Engaged to Former Miss Junior Teen Mississippi in Post

‘American Idol’ Star Engaged to Former Miss Junior Teen Mississippi in Post

It’s been quite a big year for Colin Stough. At the start of 2024, the singer took a leap of faith by auditioning for American Idol. The reason he ended up doing so is because of the encouragement he received from his mom, Nara. It didn’t take long for the then 18-year-old to be incredibly grateful for his mom’s insistence. He blew the judges and viewers away with his country-rock style. Remarkably, he ended the competition in third place!

As exciting as all of that has been, this latest milestone means even more to him: Colin Stough is engaged!

Now 19 years old, Colin happily shared that Mckenzie Rhett, a former Miss Jr. Teen in Mississippi, said “yes” when he asked her to marry him. He revealed this heartfelt news to his followers on social media. The post includes a lot of adorable (and silly) photos of the newly engaged couple, displaying their joyous moment to the world.

“Only God knew that a pretty little angel would end up with a tatted-up cowpoke,” Colin’s social media post reads. “I love you and this life with you and I can’t wait for the miles and the memories we will have, to my best friend and my life partner. Let’s get married.”

Mckenzie was also quick to share the exciting news with her own followers. In her post, it seems we see moments captured just around the time Colin first popped the question. The pure joy on her face is evident!

As you can imagine, fans of the American Idol star couldn’t be happier for him and his fiancé. Both of their posts are filled with well wishes and love.

“Congratulations, you will sing beautifully to her at your wedding,” one fan wrote. American Idol finalist Jack Blocker added, “Cmonnnnn.”