American ‘influencers’ denounce that a mysterious young woman defrauded them thousands of dollars (but the Network is on their side)

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Social media in the US was filled with outrage last week, when Los Angeles influencers began sharing stories about a young Canadian named Sophia Nur who allegedly managed to defraud them thousands of dollars.

The accusations came to light on November 19, when various netizens decided to to exchange their experiences on Twitter Spaces – audio rooms on the microblogging network that allow live conversations – and posted threads of stories about the mysterious young woman, who soon became a trend on Twitter under the label #SurvivingSophia (Surviving ASophia).

“Everyone thought she was a friend of a friend”

According to the numerous accusations published by the ‘influencer’ Arianna Dantone, through lies Sophia sought to make friends between celebrities on the networks by presenting herself as a publicist who works for the ‘youtuber’ Jeff Wittek and as the girlfriend of the American rapper Jack Harlow.

“Somehow, he always sneaked into important spaces to make it seem like I was part of it“Dantone, one of the first people to publicly denounce Nur, tweeted.” No one asked her questions because everyone thought she was a friend of a friend. ” confessed in another tweet.

According to Dantone, the young Canadian claimed that she could take her new friends to her supposed boyfriend’s concerts, but in the end she always made others pay for her and did not return their money. On other occasions, Sophia claimed to have been gang-raped by Harlow, as well as saying that her mother – who is actually alive – had died and asked for money for her funeral.

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All these lies, according to Dantone, led to his friends ‘influencers’ offer money to the young woman, who pretended to look like an innocent victim and received thousands of dollars from them, despite allegedly having millions in the bank.

“I wasn’t paying for anything”

“He even showed an account with $ 11 million. It could be false … but it could also be very real. I didn’t pay for anything “, tweeted Dantone.

Another tweeter named Camille said that he bought a plane ticket for Nur and now she does not want to pay him back.

At the same time, a user who claims to be Sophia’s cousin public another thread on her Twitter account which stated that the young woman always made a living with lies.

However, numerous Internet users spoke out in defense of Nur, stating that the complainants also wanted to take advantage of her.

“So, to be clear, they used her for her supposed influence and she used them for her money,” tweeted one surfer, while another sentenced that the young woman made use of the “superficiality” of people who depend on fame and money.

“$ 11 million? Invite her to Spaces, we need a tutorial”, tweeted another user.

Meanwhile, others speculated that it was all an ad campaign designed to promote Twitter Spaces itself.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sophia was a Twitter simulation created to drive traffic for Spaces and used influencers to promote it,” wrote a netizen.

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