American Scientist Murder Case in Sonora, Mexico

Mexican Authorities Investigating Murder of American Scientist Gabriel Trujillo

Mexican authorities are currently investigating the murder of American scientist Gabriel Trujillo. Trujillo had traveled from California to the Sierra de Sonora, a state on the northern border of Mexico, where he was found lifeless and riddled with bullets in a ravine near his van.

Fiancée and Family Denounce Crime

After more than a week without progress on the investigation, Trujillo’s fiancée and her parents denounced the crime to various media outlets in the United States. The University of California at Berkeley also condemned the tragedy in a statement.

Details of the Investigation

The body of Gabriel Trujillo was located in a ravine by agents of the State Public Security Police (PESP). His vehicle, a black BMW MPW wagon-type with California license plates, was found a few meters from the corpse. Forensic laboratories are currently analyzing various indications collected from the scene.

Location and Timeline

The body appeared on the road from the town of San Nicolás to Tepoca, in Yécora, on the border of Sonora with Chihuahua. Trujillo’s relatives reported him missing on June 21 after losing contact with him on June 19. All of his belongings were found in a room he had rented at the Tónichi Police Station.

Cause of Death

The autopsy revealed that Gabriel Trujillo died from several gunshot wounds and had been dead for three to five days when his body was found.

About Gabriel Trujillo

According to the site, Trujillo had been touring Mexico for five years. He was a botanist in his fourth year of a doctoral program at UC Berkeley. The university expressed its condolences and offered support to his family.

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