American’s Shocking Discovery of Spanish Children’s Birthday Celebrations

TikTok: A Platform For Sharing Traditions and Culture

TikTok has become a popular platform for individuals who travel frequently to share customs from other countries and culture clashes they witness. One American user, @americanmominbarcelona, recently compared children’s birthday celebrations in Spain and the United States.

Differences in Duration and Accommodations

The woman began by noting the difference in duration between the two countries. In Spain, celebrations can last up to four hours, while in North America, only half is enough. Another thing that caught the user’s attention was how hosts in Spain accommodate the parents of the children. As she explained, they provide a separate table for food and alcohol, a practice not observed in the United States.

Invitation Etiquette

The TikToker also mentioned that in Spain, if you invite someone to a children’s party, you also invite their siblings, and the whole family is welcomed. Failure to do so is considered impolite. This is quite different from the practice in the US, where siblings are often only included if explicitly invited.

Viral Video and User Reactions

The video, published at the beginning of the week, quickly went viral and garnered over 38,000 views. Many Americans were fascinated by the Spanish practices and commented on the video. Some expressed their love for the Spanish style of throwing children’s parties that create an inclusive and social atmosphere. Others found the difference in duration and hospitality intriguing.

TikTok Provides a Space for Cultural Exchange

TikTok continues to provide a space for individuals to share experiences and traditions from their travels or life in other countries. It’s an opportunity to broaden one’s perspective and learn about what makes cultures unique. The platform allows for engaging with people from around the world and provides a forum for meaningful dialogue.

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