Among Us: 7 facts you did not know about the popular game

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Among Us: 7 facts you did not know about the popular game

Among Us has become the new fashion game. Several content generators have started playing this video game and that always translates into an increase in popularity and that many people dedicate themselves to trying it and to see their feelings with the title.

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Among Us is an online multiplayer video game developed by InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game has a group of players aboard a spaceship, each of whom assumes one of two roles, the majority are companions crew and some are impostors.

The objective of the crew is to identify the impostors and expel them from the ship while maintaining the functions of the ship, and the objective of the impostors is to kill all the crew or sabotage the ship without being identified. The game can be played with a voice chat or a text chat.

Here are seven interesting facts about the popular game Among Us:

1. “Among Us” is not his original name

“Space Mafia” is the original name that was intended for the video game and with which it was registered, but the developers changed their mind and called it: “Among Us” (in Spanish: “Between Us”), believing that it would be more attractive to its players.

2. Only 3 people to create it

It is usually thought that to create a video game you need a large team of developers to work on it. In the case of Among Us it was a bit different, behind the project only three people were involved: Forest W., Marcus Bromander and Amy Liu.

3. It has surpassed Avengers Time to Assemble

Innersloth is the creator studio of Among Us and the one who occupies the top sales spots on the Steam platform, surpassing titles from major franchises such as Marvel’s Avengers: Time to Assemble, a Crystal Dynamics video game based on the Marvel superhero franchises.

Among Us is a video game developed by just three people.  (Photo: Innersloth)

4. Among Us 2 is expected to come out

Innersloth confirmed through their social media accounts that they are working on Among Us 2. And although no further details have been revealed, it is believed that it will take a few months to launch through online stores. Still they want to take advantage of the popularity of the moment.

5. It took 12 months to develop

Just as impressive that only three people developed Among Us, it’s also amazing to learn that it only took 12 months to finish. They had few resources, but the game design is so simple, they didn’t need more time.

6. Is it a copy of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us are somewhat similar, especially in the design of their characters, so it is believed that it could be a copy. However, Fall Guys was announced in June 2019 and released on August 4, 2020 for Windows and PlayStation 4.

7. Available since 2018

Although Among Us reached fame just a few weeks ago, the truth is that this game has been available in online stores since June 15, 2018. Today there are millions of simultaneous players.

How to download Among Us

If you want to have the game on your computer legally and without the video game ever freezing, then you have two options:

The first is about downloading from the Steam platform, which you can access . When you log in, simply search for the video game and click on the Add to cart button and make the purchase of the game. Its price will vary depending on where you are. For example, in Peru it is 11.50 soles, the other alternative is to download it from its official website through this , and once you are inside, click on the Download Now button. The only bad thing is that it costs around $ 5, which could be more expensive than downloading it from Steam.

It should be noted that there are other versions of Among Us that indicate that you can get it for free and full; however, they are only pirated or cracked versions where the game only fulfills certain tasks and does not let you advance.

Game mode

Among Us is a multiplayer game that supports 4 to 10 players. Between 1 and 3 of these players are randomly selected in each game to be Imposters, while the rest are crew members.

The crewmembers ‘goal is to uncover the impostors and eject them from the ship before they are killed or sabotaged. The impostors’ goal is to kill all crewmates, either by leaving only one crewmate left or by sabotaging the crewmates. ship’s systems before they are repaired.Once a crewmate is killed, he becomes a ghost with limited influence on the ship, whose goal is to help his living crewmates. to complete around the ship. Failure to do so can result in the death of the crew.


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