“Among Us” star Diego Carlos Seyfarth completely changed!

Carlos Seyfarth

There is hardly a character in “Among Us” who is currently as central to the action as David, played by Diego Carlos Seyfarth. Paco (Milos Vukovic) and Britta (Tabea Heynig) want to get rid of the newcomer and therefore start an intrigue against him.

“Among Us”: Diego Carlos Seyfarth shows type change

They want to put the former Bundeswehr soldier in prison through a staged kidnapping of Robert (Luca Maric)! But the plan goes completely wrong, because Britta finds her husband lifeless in the lake. Nevertheless, she clings to her intrigue and now wants to blame Robert’s death on David.

A violent story in which David gets involved! But not only in his role, the actor is currently causing excitement among the fans, but also privately. Because Diego Carlos Seyfarth has undergone a pretty blatant change of type.

In a recent video on the “Unter Uns” Instagram page, the actor is suddenly no longer seen with his long mane, but with shorter hair. For some fans, this causes astonishment – the star can currently still be seen on TELEVISION with long hair.

Hair off! This is what the “Among Us” fans say

The explanation is simple: “Unter Uns”, like all RTL series, is shot a few weeks in advance. David’s changed hairstyle is only now visible in the episodes, although his radical decision was made some time ago.

Back on July 19, the star posted a video on his Instagram page documenting his type change. In addition, the caption: Ladies and Gentlemen… This is David 2.0, We won the endless fight against continuity” (to german: “Ladies and gentlemen… This is David 2.0. We have won the endless battle against habit.”).

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The new hairstyle is definitely well received by the fans. “Cool hairstyle! Looks great”, “This looks so good, very attractive” and “Wow much better, suits you so well”, are just a few comments. So everything done right!

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