Amor (CEOE) sees “difficult” an agreement on pension reform

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Amor (CEOE) sees "difficult" an agreement on pension reform

The president of ATA and vice president of the CEOE, Lorenzo Amor, pointed out on Monday that he sees “difficult” an agreement in the last block of the pension reform and stressed that from the employers will not support measures that involve an increase in costs for companies.

In an interview on RNE, Amor has stressed that the measures proposed in the last part of the pension reform – increase in bases and maximum pensions and calculation period – do not have political agreement either.

“I see an agreement as difficult,” Amor said.

The objective of the Government was to have approved before December 31 the last block of measures on the pension system, which includes the increase in bases and maximum pensions as well as the “adequacy” of the calculation period, that is, the years quoted that are taken into account to calculate the pension.

This last point generates important differences both with employers and unions and between government partners.

On the minimum wage, Amor has valued the proposal made by CEOE, an increase of 4%, and has stressed that public contracts can be reviewed with these increases.

And as for the new system of quotas for self-employed that comes into force this January, Amor stressed that most self-employed workers will pay less.

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