Amulet Book 9: Release Date, Plot, and Characters – Everything You Need to Know

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Amulet Book 9

Amulet’s Comic Book, written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi, is one of the most popular book series in public. Graphix publishes it. The book is currently available to readers worldwide, and fans of the book series eagerly anticipate the release of the next installment. The author has already published eight parts, and Amulet Book 9 is one of the most sought-after novels. 

Emily discovers a sentient and autonomous magical circle amulet while visiting her great maternal estate, and she falls in love with her grandmother’s father’s father. This trilogy comes to a close with Amulet Nine. Only when Amulet 9 is finished will what happened to Emily be known. 

As the narrative progresses, we discover more and more about her journey and how she arrived at her destination. Readers were anxious to learn more about her life once the final book in the series came to a close. Thus, the series has already shown itself to be successful for additional volumes. 

What is Amulet About? 

This series by Kibuishi ought to be on the bookshelf of any elementary or middle school graphic novel collector in addition to having breathtakingly beautiful imagery and a plot that is rich in characters. Fans will surely enjoy how the story develops the backstories of the critical characters while also starting to connect some of the many previously revealed plot elements. 

The story of one of history’s worst calamities is told in this book from the viewpoint of a young girl named Emily, who was fortunate enough to survive it all and tell the tale! It tells the story of Emily, a little girl who discovers a sentient and autonomous magical circle amulet when first visiting her maternal great-grandfathers. 

Release Date of Amulet 9 Book 

The release of the Amulet Book 9 series is a mystery to the fans. On September 25, 2018, the book’s eighth edition was made available. Fans began reading and yearning for more storylines once the book was published. 

The eighth book brings many things into being but leaves the plot hanging. The author has confirmed the upcoming part’s release. On March 28, 2023, the book is anticipated to be published. 

Amulet Book 9: Cast

It is anticipated that Amulet, a book that has gained enormous fame, will soon be available on Netflix. We all know that this series is filled with colorful characters, like Emily Hayes, her brother, and her grandfather. The movie adaptation of the book Amulet, which is now under production, is rumored to have some well-known actors. 

Amulet Book 9 Plot 

In Book 8, when the Amulet completely takes Emily, she escapes with the aid of the other characters. The tale will pick up where it left off in the subsequent volume. Her bond with Amulet has been permanently changed. Will she, therefore, turn to it for help in the future? 

The awful calamity that has happened in Emily’s life is the subject of every book in the Amulet series, despite each being unique. Emily encounters various scenarios throughout the book series, from assisting her mother to fleeing the elves to taking part in risky missions. 

Together with this, the ninth book will cover a new problem and a brand-new trip for Emily and her brother. It’s possible, though, that the Amulet won’t offer any assistance this time. 

Amulet Book 9 Characters

The main character, Emily Hayes, is a 12-year-old girl. She is the shopkeeper and attempts to silence the words of the Amulet. They finally manage to seize control of her.

The brother of Emily is Navin Hayes. He is the leader of the robots that maternal great-grandfather Silas created.

Trellis is the prince of the elf. He supports Emily and Navin and has often saved their lives.

He also supports the Hayes children and a humanoid fox named Leon Redbeard. 

About the Author 

The New York Times bestselling Amulet graphic novel series is written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi and is available from Scholastic Graphix. Amulet 8: Supernova, the eighth book in the series, was published in the fall of last year. The Explorer and Flight Comic Anthologies’ editor, art director, and cover artist is Kibuishi. 

He also created the covers for Scholastic’s Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Edition paperbacks. His first graphic novel, Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, received favourable reviews and was named one of the Best Books for Young Adults by Yalsa. His webcomic Copper was a 2005 Eisner Award nominee, and Scholastic Graphix eventually turned it into a graphic novel. The book received a Fall 2009 Junior Library Guild pick. 

Kazu, born in Tokyo, Japan, emigrated to the United States as a youngster with his mother and brother. He travelled to Los Angeles to seek a career in the entertainment industry after earning his degree in film studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2000. He is a graphic novelist who works full-time right now. Kazu, his wife, and their two kids reside near Seattle, Washington. 

Final Words. 

Despite being geared towards kids, Amulet is enjoyable for everyone. Although the artwork looks like something from a dream, the characters are rooted in the challenges and advancements of living in reality. If you appreciate being shocked while simultaneously seeking a straightforward narrative with certain predictable elements, Amulet won’t let you down. 

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