Amy Roloff: Reality TV Star, Motivational Speaker, and Millionaire

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Amy Roloff

In today’s world, people have opened their minds to changes and possibilities and have created a safe place for everyone. The opportunities provided have broadened for all. Anyone can achieve their dreams if they work hard. 

Whether it be someone who has faced a disability or exceptional condition since birth, they are still judged on their talent and never on their situation. Such a person, Amy Roloff, has become famous and is loved by many despite facing a condition since birth. 

Please read the article to learn about the life of television star Amy Roloff since her birth and marriage to her net worth today. 

Who Is Amy Roloff?

Amy Roloff is an American entrepreneur and reality television personality who also works as a motivational speaker. Amy suffers from a condition called achondroplasia which leads to dwarfism. 

Amy gained fame from the show “Little People, Big World,” which revolves around the life of the Roloff family. 

Early Life of Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff was born in Michigan on September 17th, 1962, to Gordon Knight and Patricia Knight. Amy Roloff was born with achondroplasia which leads to dwarfism and is a condition caused by a change in DNA. 

Amy Roloff had three siblings named: Katherine, Cyndi, and Roger. Amy went to Franklin High School and Central Michigan University. 

Amy Roloff met Matt Roloff in 1987 at a Little People of America convention, and both got married within a year of knowing each other. The couple publicly announced having a divorce in 2014 and finalized their divorce in May 2016 after almost 27 years of marriage. 

They had four children: Zachary and Jeremy, who were twins in 1990, Molly in 1993, and Jacob in 1997. Zachary has achondroplasia like his mother, and the rest of the children are of average height. 

Amy is also a supporter of the Dwarf Athletic Association of America. In 2019, Amy got engaged to her boyfriend, Chris Marek, and later on, on August 28th, 2021, married him at the farm she lived on with Matt. 

The career of Amy Roloff

Amy and her family started the show “Little People, Big World” in 2006, and the show has had 24 seasons and more than 380 episodes as of now. The show follows the life of Amy, her ex-husband, and their four kids as they live with dwarfism. 

Amy has also appeared on various TV shows such as “The View,” “Jay Leno,” “Good Morning America,” “Celebrity Buzz,” and “Oprah” and was interviewed by publications such as New York Times and People’s Magazine. 

Amy and her family also hold the record of “Most chapters of a family-oriented TV program” in the Guinness book of world record. 

Amy also opened an online bakery in 2016 named Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen which sells some seasonal baked goods. In 2012, she released a book called, “Short and Simply Family Recipes” under West Winds Press that contains 75 original recipes. 

Amy also wrote books about her life and facing challenges and experiences in her early years in books called “A Little Me” and “Little People Big Values.” Amy Roloff also established Amy Roloff Charity Foundation in 2009. 

Amy Roloff also works as a motivational speaker and uses her fame to help people in need and youth with disabilities. She gave keynote speeches at the Women’s Power Lunch in 2019, Empowering Women in Business Conference in 2015, Lakes Health Conference in 2010. 

Net Worth of Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff has a net worth of $6 million in 2023 that she has earned through the reality program revolving around her family. She also has an average salary of $500 thousand. 

In 1990, the Roloff family bought an upper farmhouse in Helvetia, Oregon, that covers 34 acres of land and is open to public visit in the pumpkin season. The land was purchased by Matt and Amy, and later after the divorce, Matt bought Amy’s share and updated the site, and sold it. 

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