Amy Waters Davidson: Nurse and An Inspiration

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Family is something we are always proud of in our achievements. They are our biggest supporters. No matter which stream we choose for ourselves, they give us love and support for our dreams. Everyone has a different relationship with their parents, and no one can define the level of sacrifice they have made for us. 

Today is the story of a great mother, Amy Waters Davidson. She is a nurse and a great inspiration for their children. How she has managed single-handedly to raise her children and allow them to follow their passion is truly a great story. Let us look at her life closely.

Who Is Amy Waters Davidson?

Ammy was born in Brooklyn, New York 1969. She holds an American nationality. Her birth month is not known to the public. She attended Syracuse University for her higher studies. According to her birth calendar, she is Aries. But still, there is not much known about her. There are no details about her parents and siblings. 

She is believed to be of Irish ancestry and shared roots with a German family. She studied in a local school before going after her dreams. She enrolled at a health-trained college and followed her dreams of becoming a nurse. She is currently working as a nurse in a Xaverian school in Brooklyn. She is continuing her profession even at the age of 57 years. 

Her passion for helping people and those in need have taken her to great heights. She has good contacts with her profile, and she has decided to continue her career even after becoming famous with her son’s name.

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Amy Waters Davidson’s Husband

Ammy was married to her lover, Scott Mathew Davidson. They both tied the knot in 1990. He was a famous basketball player. Four years after the marriage, he became a firefighter. He was good at his profession, but little did all know that his profession would be the cause of his last breath.

No one has ever imagined him like this. Her husband lost his life in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, in the US. Many people lost their lives in the attack, and he was one among them. 

The tragedy hit the family hard. However, they accepted their fate and moved on in life. But the cavity created by the loss of life could not be filled in ages. Amy and Scott were blessed with two beautiful children in the three years of their marriage. Pete Michel Davidson is the name of the first child born in November 1963. Second is daughter Chasey Davidson who joined the family in 1999.

Amy and Scott’s marriage lasted only for 11 years. After the death of her husband, it was a big responsibility for her to take care of both children. She succeeded in her responsibility.

She raises both of her children in Staten Island, New york. As a single mother, she has completely devoted her life to bringing the best positive vibes into her children’s lives. 

Whenever she is now spotted with her son in public, he never fails to show his gratitude towards her mother for raising him and bringing the best out of him. However, there were chances for her to remarry with someone to let some burden loose from her shoulders.

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But she decided to remain single and raise her children by herself. After her kids had grown, she never married nor chose to be in a relationship. She spent all her time with her children, and they became her best friend. 

Amy Waters Davidson Children

Pete Davidson is 29 years old. He is a well-known comedian, actor, producer, writer, and composer. He was eight years old when he lost his father in a terrible attack. At the age of 16, he began his career. This became his major phase of life as he faced many personal and emotional issues.

Along with it, he has to outshine in his career to help the family. However, her mom has always been his biggest supporter in all his hardships. Later he gained huge popularity when he became the star of the late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live in 2014.

When he was 17 years old, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He took the treatment for the same through intravenous therapy. He takes medical marijuana for pain management. Because of the subsequent use of the drug, he was later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. This contributes to his mood swings, shifts in behavior, and personality. 

On December 3, 2018, he also wrote a note on Instagram regarding his mood swings and how he thinks it’s time to end his life. After posting the post, he later deleted it and removed his trace from the internet. Later, when the news came to the public, the New york police department performed a mental assessment. 

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His comedy style is real, and he never fails to attempt jokes about himself. This made his content more relevant to the public. And this is why he is the most lying comedian of all time. He is also very open about his father’s loss. In an interview, he also mentioned that losing his father at a very young age gave him the strength to deal with many life problems.

Casey, on the other side, is 26 years old now. She was just 4 when she lost her father. In 2018 she will complete her graduation. She is a basketball player at Marist College. She has all the traces of her mother, and she is proud of that fact. They both are very close and bound their relationship differently.

Amy Waters Davidson’s Net Worth

Amy has raised her kids with all she had, and now she can look back at her efforts and smile at herself. Both the children are now independent. Her son is the greatest comedian of all time and a very famous figure. Now that he has enough for the family, he has bought a home for her mother in his homeland, New york. 

She is now working as a nurse in a nearby school in Brooklyn to keep her expenses. Her estimated worth is around 6 million dollars. She is happy and still supports her children at their upcoming shows and projects.

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