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Amy Winehouse documentaries to learn more about her life

His bulky hairstyle, his contralto tone and his diversity in the musical genres are three of the characteristics that made of Amy Winehouse a star. His way of wearing his hair gave a special touch to his strong essence, to his attitude on stage, while his talent in music was demonstrated by his vocal range and his ability to perform in a unique way in jazz, blues and soul.

Amy Winehouse is one of the most iconic women in music. Photo: (Getty)

Of British origin, Amy Winehouse She was one of the strongest women in the music industry. In 2003 he released his debut album Frank, which was a success in his native country and was even nominated at the Mercury Awards and, from there, his career was on the rise. The artist did not stop gaining fans worldwide and various awards that recognized her talent.

So much so that on July 23, 2011 the world was shocked by the news of his death. At the age of 27 and after suffering alcohol poisoning, Winehouse was found dead and, her death, was proof of the addictions she was fighting. However, she is still a star and the world does not forget her.

Amy Winehouse continues to be remembered by her fans.  Photo: (Getty)

Amy Winehouse continues to be remembered by her fans. Photo: (Getty)

In fact, in 2012 she entered the list of the 100 best women in music and ten years after her departure, people continue to remember her. That is why today, September 14, the day of her birthday, from Spoiler we want to remember her by recommending some productions that will help you get to know her better.

Amy Winehouse documentaries to learn more about her life:

1. Reclaiming Amy:

It was released on July 23 of this year when the tenth anniversary of his death was celebrated. According to his father, Mitchell, this documentary offers “a fuller picture of Amy”. Interviews with friends, family and even old partners of the singer are what prevail in this documentary that was approved by her own family.

2. Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne´s Story:

It is a production starring Dionne Bromfield, Amy’s goddaughter. In this documentary, Dionne talks about her relationship with who, in addition to being her godmother, was her mentor and a world icon. According to what she said, another of the singer’s goals in her life was to be a mother, but since she did not succeed, she occupied that special place.

Dionne Bromfield. Photo Credits: (Getty)

Dionne Bromfield. Photo Credits: (Getty)

3. Amy Winehouse: Back to Black:

It is a documentary film that was released in 2018. In this film you can see the realization and production work that led to his second studio album, Back to Black and, in turn, interviews with those closest to him and some archival materials.

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