An actor from La Casa de Papel assured that the Netflix series had to end and gave details of the end

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In just over two weeks they will arrive at the streaming service Netflix the last episodes of The Money Heist, one of the most successful and popular series today. The end will come in its fifth season, even if its fans wanted to see more of the story. Nevertheless, one of its actors gave his opinion on this and left the reasons why the program should be ended.

“Tokyo is dead and the enemy, wounded and more fearsome than ever, is still inside the Bank of Spain. In the darkest hours, the band will face the greatest challenges: to extract the gold with a plan full of uncertainty, and try to get out of the Bank of Spain, surrounded by the Army and with the eyes of the world on it. Everything would be easier if, at least, the Professor did not make the great mistake of his life “, anticipates the official synopsis of the next 5 chapters.

+ Was La Casa de Papel to end?

On the occasion of the culmination of the story that captivated millions of viewers around the world, Alvaro Death spoke with EFE and explained why they should release Spanish fiction, beyond the success obtained. The interpreter of the Professor assured: “From the fun, I would have done many more seasons because I adore it. It was not smart for my career to continue doing more because it could get too pigeonholed and I’m interested in getting into the shoes of many characters”.

While he cares about his trajectory, he also affirms that the production had to take care of the fans and finish the show so as not to make it too long. Although before this he released a few words about the ending that can generate hope in the fans for a continuation: “The ideal would be if in the future, in a few years, they say, we do another season, we do a golden season, we go for it”.

The second part of the final season of The Money Heist will be available in Netflix from the Friday, December 3 and fans already live it with great expectations for how the story will close. In conversation, Alvaro Death He said the series opened big doors for him in the industry for other roles, such as the one he will have on the show The Wheel of Time, which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, November 19.

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