An actor from La Casa de Papel dubs his own voice in all languages

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Just eight days ago it arrived The Money Heist a Netflix with the first part of its fifth and final season. And he showed again why it is an unprecedented phenomenon: from that moment, it remains among the most viewed content of the platform around the world and continues to be a topic of conversation on social networks. One of the great strengths of the series are its solid and engaging characters.

Marsella He is one of them: he goes unnoticed but, in reality, he is the loyal companion of The teacher and all your steps within the plan are always perfectly fulfilled. But … who is the actor behind that city name? His name is Luka Peroš, have 44 years and, despite standing out in Spanish fiction, he was born in Zagreb.

By then, Croatia was part of Yugoslavia, where he was raised until he was five years old. But then the adventure began: because of his father’s work in petrochemical engineering, moved to Austria, Abu Dhabi, Boston and Los Angeles. His tour of the world forced him to become familiar with different cultures and languages, something that served him notably for his career. It was precisely in the United States where he became interested in performance and he immersed himself in studying acting.

By the late 1990s, he finally had his return home. In Croatia he began working as an actor in plays, TV series and movies. Likewise, it was introduced for the first time in the world of dubbing for animated series, which would be key to his performance as Marseille in The Money Heist. He came to this production years later: in 2010, he settled in Barcelona and participated in Spanish fictions such as Plastic Sea, The incident and The Mauthausen Photographer.

On 2019, Netflix summoned him to play this member of the gang of robbers who never enters the Bank of Spain, but helps the leader from abroad by disorienting the police. His knowledge in languages ​​and dubbing, they were ideal for The Money Heist: he himself doubles his own voice in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. The simple owner of the ferret Sofía has, in reality, a great world behind her.

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