An actor from The Crown confessed to wanting to abolish the monarchy

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Since its premiere on Netflix, The Crown It became one of the most successful series in the world as it reveals, without any hesitation, the most controversial secrets of the British royal family. This is why, in this year’s awards season, it became one of the most nominated and winning fictions and, in fact, the Emmy Awards were no exception.

Despite the fact that a year ago no new chapters of The Crown, the strip continues to be successful and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences considered it worthy of 24 nominations, among which is Tobías Menzies. The British actor, who played Prince Philip of Edinburgh in seasons three and four, entered the competition for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Tobías Menzies was Philip of Edinburgh. Photo: (IMDB)

After passing through Outlander, where he gave life to the evil Black Jack Randall, the British came to The Crown at the same time as Olivia Colman to show the worst years of the Duke of Edinburgh. And, the success of Menzies in this Netflix blockbuster created by Peter Morgan was not only because of his acting level, but because of the characterization of his character since he looked just like the real Prince.

However, from what it seems and beyond the nomination for the Emmy Awards, which, it should be noted, will be the first time he has attended, Tobías thinks the opposite of the role he played. In an interview with Radio Times the actor confessed that, not only is he a republican, but that he has every intention of abolishing the monarchy since, for him, the life of sovereigns is “very boring”.

Tobías Menzies and Olivia Colman as the Kings of England.  Photo: (IMDB)

Tobías Menzies and Olivia Colman as the Kings of England. Photo: (IMDB)

In fact, he also claimed that, due to his problems with institutional privileges, he would refuse to receive The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE). Although, his most withering phrase was when he said: “i’m more republican and honestly i don’t love the idea of ​​hereditary power”. To which he later added: “but even so, that role doesn’t have much power”.

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And these words coincide with the time of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on April 9, when he confessed that he did not feel fit to say goodbye to him since he had played it on television.


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