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An actress from I am Ugly Betty revealed her love affair with someone from the novel

I am Ugly Betty premiered 22 years ago under the production of RCN Television. But despite being over two decades old, the Colombian soap opera today it is still among the most viewed content of Netflix in Latin America. For example, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala and Panama are just some of the countries that continue to choose this series. And to the surprise of her fans, recently one of the actresses revealed a romance between two members of the strip.

In 1999, Marcela Posada was part of Yo soy Betty, la fea (IMDb).

It’s about the actress Marcela posada who recalled his eight-month relationship with the creator of the novel, Fernando Gaitan. He did it through a live video of Instagram, issued by the actor Jorge Enrique Abello. Is that the interpreter of Don Armando Mendoza Every Wednesday night he broadcasts interviews with different celebrities on his profile.

Ugly Betty

The reunion of El Cuartel de las ugly (YouTube Jorge Enrique Abello).

In this context, the guests of the week were the participants of “the ugly barracks”, made up of Estefanía Gómez (Aura María Fuentes), Paula Pena (Sofía López), Maria Eugenia Arboleda (Mariana Valdés), Velasquez lights (Bertha Muñoz de González) and Marcela posada (Sandra Patiño). The last of them, known as “La Girafa” in the soap opera, was the one who took all the attention of the spectators with that unexpected confession.

The word of Marcela Posada

“Fernando Gaitán and I had an affair, you know it. We had a relationship of eight months“, Said the actress who gave life to Sandra. The director passed away in January 2019 and was remembered for the cast of I am Betty the Ugly one with very heartfelt words. In this context, Posada explained that he remembers it as something beautiful and that the couple did not prosper due to differences between them: “It was very difficult to deal with so many women behind him, so I think he never fell in love with me. The relationship ended but we remain friends afterwards ”.

Although the actress assures that what for the fans was a secret for a long time, for his companions was something already known, Jorge Enrique Abello did not let that story pass and, as the presenter of the interview, he remarked that despite having been Gaitán’s best friend and Posada’s partner, he never found out about this hidden story in the cast of the series that does not go out of style.

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