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An amazing houseboat in Maldives

Is named Villa Montana and it is a striking houseboat in the Maldives. A housing project that has truly surprised us and we could not stop teaching you. A luxury home in the waters of the Maldives that almost seems like a fantasy. Designed by the prestigious Canadian-based architecture studio, Gravity Studio and led by one of its main professionals, the architect Mohanad Albasha, it is a daring and groundbreaking proposal that we have been passionate about and we teach you in detail.

the floating house in Maldives 'Villa Montana' / Photo: Gravity Studios
Foto: Gravity Studios

A two-story dream villa with an aesthetic that surprises and hallucinates in equal measure. With a structure that exceeds all expectations and contains a luxurious pool that lights up at night and from which you can see the vastness of the ocean. The views in this project are another story. The upper part has a room in which there is no lack of detail and which also plays with light and the panorama with glazed parts, very diaphanous and open to the immensity of the waters that surround the property.

Villa Montana, the houseboat in Maldives
Foto: Gravity Studio

About Gravity Studio

“We all live in a multidimensional world and space is an integral part of ourselves. That is why we believe that, as a species, we are attracted to creations that highlight the space. We search and resonate deeply when faced with a view of an open horizon, a valley or the Grand Canyon, the night sky (outer space) or certain works of art and buildings »

An amazing houseboat in Maldives

The architecture studio responsible for this houseboat in Maldives is based in Alberta, Canada. Gravity Architecture Studios is one of the architecture firms based in Calgary with the most experience and international projection in the North American country that is dedicated exclusively to contemporary design. Founded in 2017 by Piyush Gupta, it focuses exclusively on raising the quality of life, with a touch of poetry incorporated. The studio is built on strong beliefs that are not only built into the design process, but an integral part of everyone who works with Gravity. These beliefs have long become the basis for everything the studio stands for.

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