An Anglo-Saxon brooch stolen 26 years ago returned to a museum in England

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An Anglo-Saxon brooch stolen from a museum in the British town of Oakham, was returned after more than a quarter of a century, they report local media.

One night in 1995 at the Rutland County Museum, apart from the gilt bronze brooch, eight other brooches and a gold Roman ring were stolen, which was recovered shortly afterwards.

Although the ring can be recovered, the other artifacts never appeared until the Metropolitan Police received a mysterious anonymous package late last year containing one of the stolen brooches. After consulting the database of stolen art, they managed to identify that it was one of the pieces stolen from the Rutland County Museum.

Last August, the Rutland County Council, the Metropolitan Police, the Register of Lost Works of Art and the Zurich insurance company returned this pin to the Rutland Museum, which is part of an Oakham College collection and was loaned to the museum by be an important piece of local history.

Now, the authorities hope to recover the other lost pieces and urge the local population to be vigilant and collaborate with the police if they have any information about the eight brooches that are still missing.

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