An Argentine police officer who murdered and robbed an elderly couple to pay a trip to Disney for their fifteen-year-old daughter is sentenced to life imprisonment

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An Argentine court this week sentenced to life imprisonment a policewoman who murdered a retired couple two years ago in the city of Buenos Aires to steal between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000, with which she planned pay for a trip to Disney for your daughter’s 15th birthday, they report local media.

In a virtual hearing, the judge sentenced Sonia Rebeca Soloaga, 36, to the maximum penalty, as the perpetrator of the crimes of “robbery, aggravated homicide and false report” that he committed when he was still serving as an officer of the City Police. The victims of the double crime, which occurred on June 11, 2019, were Alberto Antonio Chirico, 71, and his wife María Delia Speranza, 63, with whom the accused had a relationship of trust, according to the investigations.

Prosecutor Oscar Ciruzzi maintained that on the day of the events Soloaga entered the couple’s home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Avellaneda and exercised violence against them, demanding that they tell him where they kept a significant sum of cash, between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000 and between $ 50. and 60,000 pesos (approximately between 520 and 625 dollars).

After getting the money, Soloaga executed the two of “a shot in the head”, using “an embroidered cushion” in order to “reduce and muffle noise” and “so as not to see the victims’ faces,” Ciruzzi described.

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According to court documents, the motive for the crime was a debt of more than $ 6,000 that Soloaga had with the company FunTime for a trip to Disney World that he wanted to give to his daughter for her 15 years.

In her last statement to the court, the former police officer assured “she had nothing to do” with the crime. On the day of the crime, he filed a complaint claiming that his gun and 300,000 pesos (about $ 3,100) had been assaulted and stolen, but during the trial he changed his version stating that he had “forgotten” the gun and the money in a gas station bathroom .

“I am going to take charge of making a mistake with the complaint, but unfortunately I will never take charge of what happened to those people, because I have nothing to do with it,” she told the court, stating that she lied for fear of being fired. His lawyer asked for his acquittal assuring that there was “overwhelming evidence” for her to be released.

On the other hand, the Justice acquitted the defendant’s ex-partner, Diego Alberto Pachilla, 37, whom they prosecuted for “doubly aggravated cover-up” of the crime.

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