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An astronaut took a photo of the top of a plane in flight and it went viral

Traveling into space is an experience that only a couple of people in the whole world can tell. And those lucky ones have the possibility to look at the immensities that surround us: oceans, continents and reliefs, in some cases. From hundreds of kilometers above the stratosphere it is impossible to see more than that. But, a astronaut caught something else.

Megan McArthur, a member of NASA, lives in the International Special Station located in low earth orbit, more than 400 kilometers high. The ISS (for its acronym in English for International Space Station), functions as a research laboratory in which studies related to physics, astronomy, meteorology and astrobiology, among others, are carried out. In addition, the International Special Station tests the systems and equipment needed for long space flights, such as missions to Mars and the Moon.

Only six people can live in the cabin, at most, although in its early years the capacity was only for a crew of three astronauts. The ISS It is made up of structural frames, thermal radiators, photovoltaic solar panels, robotic arms and experiment bays, but the data goes through the capacity it has to supervise us from space. This is because it can take the International Special Station only 93 minutes to make a complete revolution of planet Earth.

And from one of the windows located 400 kilometers high, the astronaut photographed with her camera a plane that was making its usual route over the Earth, although it was flying much closer than the ISS. McArthur He was able to make out the wake left by the means of transport, caused by the condensation of gases from the engines.

The taking of the astronaut went viral on Twitter

The photo, which was published on the account of Twitter of the astronaut, went viral quickly and was shared more than 700 times. “I do not know why, but the fact of seeing a plane in flight while taking photos today over Alberta, Canada, made me laugh out loud,” said the astronaut in her post, surprised to see something more than oceans and continents.

Continuing, McArthur He added a comment asking questions to engage with his audience: “I guess it was nice to see evidence that there are other humans moving around planet Earth. Where are you going, friends? And quickly the tweeting community located the flight, which belonged to Atlas Air Airlines, which was traveling from Alaska to Miami.

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