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An attack by carnivorous fish in Argentina leaves more than 30 injured (including a teenager who lost a finger)

An attack by palometas – a carnivorous fish similar to the piranha – left more than 30 injured on Monday on the shores of the Paraná River, in the province of Santa Fe (Argentina). Affected people received care for cuts to hands and feet, report local media.

The most serious victim was a 13-year-old teenager, whose toe had to be amputated due to the bites. After the intervention, she was subjected to a graft on the fifth metatarsal in a children’s hospital.

“The natural habitat of the palometa is the lagoon, and the lack of flow and the alteration due to high temperatures causes the school to turn over to the coast”, explained Sergio Berardi, representative of the Santa Fe Section of the Unique Lifeguard Union.

He also indicated that the bite of this type of fish does not have the same incidence in minors as in adults, for which he recommended people not to leave children alone in the water under any circumstances.

“The first and most effective aid is prevention: do not enter the water when the first case appears, “he continued.” You have to understand that the butterflies are in the water and you have to take advantage of the showers that are in the spa, “instead of accessing the river, he added.

The pomfret, which at this time of year are in their breeding stage and are approaching the coast, have a low-cut tail fin and a prominent jaw with sharp triangular teeth. In case of receiving one of its bites it is important to disinfect the wound as quickly as possible.

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