An Egyptian who complained about the weather is arrested and deported from Kuwait

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The Kuwait Police have arrested an Egyptian man for posting on social networks a video recorded from inside a car in which he complains about the scorching heat and the sand storms that hit that country on the Arabian peninsula, reports The Washington Post.

“I’m inside a dust storm right now, I literally can’t see anything in front of me,” the man says in Arabic in a video posted on TikTok, showing the dust covering the road like a thick fog.

“Good for Kuwait, good,” he adds. The video went viral on Twitter, where it racked up tens of thousands of views.

Kuwait Police said that the person behind the video, branded as “offensive”, was detained and that the authorities “will take the necessary legal action against her.”

Later, the portal Gulf News reported that the detainee was deported along with another man, also an Egyptian citizen, suspected of sexually harassing women in public.

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