An elderly woman is surprised by the visit of a ‘stranger’ whom she has phoned by mistake for the last 20 years

Una anciana es sorprendida por la visita de un 'desconocido' a quien ha llamado por teléfono por error durante los últimos 20 años

An elderly American woman who for the past 20 years she has constantly dialed the wrong phone number while trying to reach her sister she finally met the man who answered her calls all this time and with whom she eventually became friends, pick up the string ABC.

The particular relationship between the two began two decades ago, when Gladys Hankerson, now 80 years old, instead of dialing the code 410 corresponding to the state of Maryland, where her relative lives, mistakenly entered the code 401, resulting in a call to the residence of Mike Moffit, a resident of Rhode Island.

According to Moffit, he was with his family on a trip to Florida during the past Thanksgiving holidays, so he did not miss the opportunity to meet Gladys in person, who was surprised when, without prior notice, he showed up at Old woman’s house in Delray Beach.

“To enter [al hogar de Hankerson] I said, I’m Mike from Rhode Island. She just raised her hands and said, ‘What a blessing!’ ” commented the man about their encounter. “It was a great day, it was the happiest Thanksgiving ever, it made my day,” he added.

During the first few conversations, Hankerson was very sweet, polite and hospitable in apologizing for the mistake, before hanging up the phone, Moffit said. However, as the calls continued to occur, little by little they talked more and more, until they developed a solid friendship at a distance that has been maintained for all these years.

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