An elementary school teacher in the US is suspended for dramatizing the Holocaust with mass graves, gas chambers and Adolf Hitler

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An elementary school teacher in the US capital, Washington DC, has been suspended after it emerged that she instructed her students to stage the Holocaust.

The third graders at Watkins Elementary School had to play various roles in this act: some dug mass graves simulating the extermination of the Jews and they simulated shootings, others were in charge of transporting prisoners to the gas chambers.

Paradoxically, a Jewish boy had to play Adolf Hitler and at the end of this performance he staged the suicide of the former leader of Nazi Germany, according to one of the parents, aforementioned por The Washington Post.

The students were supposed to have a class in the library to work on a self-directed project, but the teacher, whose name has not been released, had her own vision of how to organize the children.

According to the parents of some of the students, the teacher would have even made anti-Semitic comments during class. For example, he noted that “Jews ruined Christmas”.

The teacher demanded that the students keep secret their performance, but they alerted another teacher immediately. School authorities are investigating the incident.

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