“An Epochal Moment: Witness the Coronation of King Carlos III”

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LIVE: The coronation of King Charles III

On May 6th, Westminster Abbey in London will host the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camila. This thousand-year-old tradition was last seen during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The event will be attended by over 2,000 guests, including European royalty, the British government, and 100 heads of state.

Why should Charles III be crowned if he is already king?

After the death of his mother Elizabeth II, Charles automatically became king and was officially proclaimed British monarch in a ceremony that aired on television for the first time. While the coronation is not a legal requirement, it confirms his role as head of state and of the Anglican Church.

Differences from Previous Coronations

King Charles III wants his coronation to represent the values of the current United Kingdom, a country of different ethnic groups and religions. The ceremony has been modified to include roles traditionally held by men of the aristocracy to be filled by women, people of ethnic minorities, and leaders of non-Christian religions. This year, religious leaders from Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh communities will participate.

Coronation of Camila, Queen Consort

Although Felipe was not crowned, Camila will receive her crown as queen consort at the same ceremony.

How popular is Charles III?

Opinion polls have shown that support for the monarchy has weakened in recent years, but the coronation is an opportunity for Charles to show sympathy from the public. However, more than a thousand members of anti-monarchist groups, mainly the Republic, are expected to showcase their disapproval during the royal parade.

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Who pays for the lavish ceremony?

Although there is no official estimate on how much the ceremony will cost, some reports estimate over £100 million. The people cover the cost of the coronation, but it comes during a major crisis in the country where many are struggling to heat their homes this winter. Despite this, the event is a celebration of British identity that fascinates many around the world.

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