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An interesting medley: the most viewed series on Amazon Prime at the beginning of the week

Amazon prime is one of the most popular streaming platforms, with its own series that captivated audiences around the world and which are one of the reasons for the continuous growth of this proposal. The alternatives are many and varied. The catalog is full of hits for diverse audiences that join Amazon looking for the stories they heard about or saw progress.

This week began with a list of popular series that are the most viewed on the platform and make up an interesting potpourri, with totally different themes, but which have a common denominator: Success! Find out what programs we are talking about and find out if any of these options is for you.

+ The most watched Amazon Prime series at the beginning of the week

5. The Good Doctor

A young man with autism is a talented surgeon at St. Bonaventure Hospital. He will have a romantic relationship with Lea while he has to supervise a new group of residents who will put him to the test, while carrying forward the uncertainty and pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Good Doctor. Photo Credits: IMDb.

4. The Boyz

It is a series that develops the idea of ​​what would happen if superheroes abused their powers instead of dedicating themselves to doing good with their great abilities. Humans will fight these powerful beings to expose the reality of the dark intentions they hold.


The Boys. Photo Credits: IMDb.

3. SOZ Soldiers or Zombies

The drug dealer Alonso Marroquin escapes from prison at the same time as an experiment of the United States Army It goes wrong and the members of the police unit who are chasing the criminal turn into dangerous zombies. The army and the “no dead people” they will carry out a battle for the survival of humanity.


Soldiers or Zombies. Photo: IMDb.

2. Modern Love

Love breaks all the rules! Different accounts of relationships, connections, betrayals and revelations, which find their inspiration in real life stories. Each episode will thrill you with characters that resemble a reality full of feelings and exposed hearts.


Modern Love. Photo Credits: IMDb.

1. Cruel Summer

Can a girl be the most hated person in the country? The series tells how Kate, very popular, disappears. And the one indicated as responsible for the fact is the scholar Jeanette. Psychological suspense in a thriller that focuses on these very different women, affected by the same situation.


Cruel Summer. Photo Credits: IMDb.

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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