An Iranian company to repair a power plant in Syria over the next two years

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The Syrian Ministry of Electricity has signed on Tuesday a contract for $ 115 million with the Iranian company Peymanir to rehabilitate the Mhardeh power plant in Hama province, reports the state news agency TO YOU.

According to the Syrian Minister of Electricity, Hassan Al Zamil, the repair, which includes the replacement of all the damaged parts of the station and the repair of some of them, will last for some 26 months. Once reactivated, the plant will have a production capacity of 576 megawatts.

“It is the first time that the Ministry has hired a company and there will be a specialized team to follow up on the work. […]. All power plants destroyed by terrorism will gradually return to service through contracts with companies that have proven to be highly capable and effective in rehabilitation, “said Al Zamil.

  • During the 10-year civil war, in which hundreds of thousands of people have died and numerous infrastructure in the Arab country has collapsed, the Mhardeh station was attacked more than once by terrorist groups with rocket-propelled grenades, leaving it repeatedly out of order.

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