An Italian town defies mathematics, exceeds 100% of those vaccinated and gets rid of covid-19

The Italian town of Palazzo Adriano, located in Sicily, is now famous in the country not only for serving as a set for Giuseppe Tornatore’s Oscar-winning film ‘Cinema Paradiso’, but also for its impressive level of vaccination. Two weeks ago, it made headlines in the Italian media reporting that local authorities managed to vaccinate the 104 % of the population.

The figure that defies mathematics, in reality, is explainable and is due in part to the neighbors, to those who live in other places, but came to Palazzo Adriano to be vaccinated against covid-19, and also to the tourists who passed through the locality and were inoculated.

Since August, Palazzo Adriano has not registered cases of coronavirus and, according to local doctor Maria Alfonsa Vacanti, interviewed by The RepublicAt this point, the few who have not been vaccinated “are not statistically important.” As it is a small town, little more than 1,800 inhabitantsWhere practically everyone knows each other, trust in the word of health workers prevailed over doubts, Vacanti explained.

The local authorities are very proud of the success of the vaccination campaign and did a great job of their part to achieve it. Thus, the mayor’s office made available to the Palermo Provincial Health Authority the town hall building to deploy a vaccination center there and facilitated collaboration between government institutions and the population.

Mayor Nicolò Granà detailed that both the first and second doses were administered at Palazzo Adriano in May and June, while some residents have already received the third dose. “We are quite calm”, commented the high official, summarizing that “life flows serenely“in the central square of the town, which is already a first step to return to normality.

Even so, Palazzo Adriano cannot take the title of the most vaccinated town in Italy, as it appears to be in second place, after Roccafiorita, also located in Sicily, whose vaccination rate is of the 117 %. The difference is that Roccafiorita has only 186 inhabitants, most of them elderly.

Mayor Concetto Orlando noted that they were the first commune to organize vaccination directly in the plaza and that residents were enthusiastic about the initiative and contributed to such a high inoculation rate.

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